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What is BIFFME?

We help you to save your precious time and keep up.

There are websites that really interest you, however new content apperas there rarely. Website of your city, school, favourite blog. Checking them every day is quite cumbersome and... disappointing.

Instead of wasting your time and browse through all those sites,
go to Biffme.com where you will find all the updates in ONE PLACE.

There are also websites filled up with tens of articles every day... mostly uninteresting and boring.

Biffme allows site owners to enter information only once in a while, so they will select most interesting ones by themselves.
In addition, every user, including you, can vote for a given Biff, so the amount of votes will define what is worth seeing.

How it works?

Register at Biffme.com, go to Biffers tab. Search for you favourite website, click green plus and it's done.
From now on, at "My Biffs" tab, you will find all the updates of this website.

What if you can not find here your favorite website?

Ask owner of this website to become a member of Biffme.com. Registration takes less then a minute.

No emails!

We will not clutter your inbox with annoying notifications. If you are visiting us, ther is no reason to send any emails right?
If you don't then it is up to you to decide if, and how often you want us to send you updates info.

Your email address is safe here: we wont give it to anyone!
If some website does not interest you anymore, just delete it from your subscribed biffers list with single click and it's done. You don't need to send any email asking to be removed from newsletter list etc. Just click and all happens automatically and immediately.