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Why register your site on Biffme.com?

To increase number of visitors!

Biffme is used to notify users about updates on your website.

There are two main ways to remind your website to people that have visited it before:
- Through social networks
- Via newsletter

Social networks require a lot of engagement and unfortunately are moving "traffic" outside of your site : you contact such viewers via Facebook, and after a while it turns out that your profile on FB has more audience than your actual website! That's not good.

The newsletter is often associated with SPAM, people are reluctant to give their email address for fear that they will be inundated with uncontrolled amounts of e-mails. Besides, it is not easy to create a nice-looking newsletter, and even harder to send hundreds or thousands of emails without adequate and paid tools.

Usually when sending a newsletter, first you are preparing an article on your site to which this newsletter will link. So you have to do two things: prepare newsletter and article.
Thanks to biffme.com you are doing only one thing: article. Putting it on biffme.com will take you few seconds (really!), and from that moment all viewers of Biffme.com can see your article. And anyone who wants to read it will go to your website

At the moment biffme.com is an infant, but we hope that with time the number of viewers will rapidly increase. Number of biffers (site owners) who want to inform their customers about new products will increase too. Do not get behind the competition!

Biffme.com: nothing to lose and lots to gain.